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I appreciate female beauty, despite appearances can be very handsome, but remain relatively Mild character, nature, can not be too extensive. The United States is a whole, in this world, the majority of people's facial features have neither the United States nor ugly, personality temperament is the real charm lies. For many beautiful women, facial features, the prevalence of an unhealthy psychology, the belief that beauty must have more cable, which is the "ancient Hongyan more Baoming" reasons. Mentality and hot chinese shanghai teen girls s of the community often excessive demands a psychological barrier, which eventually led to the tragic life.
Modern women favor of the United States neutral and not surprising, and after the beginning of the 21st century global aesthetic trends. Simple to the 21st century for the United States, this trend infiltration in the construction, art and other aspects, reflected in female beauty, which is neutral United States. Traditional hot chinese shanghai teen girl's hair must be long, exquisite costumes, body accessories to decorate a lot, is very complicated. , As in "super girls," Li Yuchun popular neutral United States - straight short hair, simple shirts, pants, flat shoes, cool, competent, is in line with the aesthetic needs of modern women